Funk with full power

Announcing RHYTHM, out 30/09/2016 (Satomusic)

"The Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack has been called a “thickly dynamic invasion of funk”. The powerhouse of a group will release their second title, “Rhythm” on Friday, September 30th, 2016. On the album, Salesvuo leads an amazing line-up of Finnish musicians, brought in from the front line of making sure the funk keeps on thumping."




"Funk Attack! Not too bad idea for the first solo album. - The result is pure Funk package!" - Pertti Laesmaa, Voima

"Wild Funk-plate" - Juha Seitz, Ilkka/Pohjalainen

"Salesvuo has done superb songs which some of them have clear hit potential. They are full of funky rhythm which strenght is guaranteed by Maestro Salesvuo himself.
- Timo Vähäsilta, Jazzrytmit Web Magazine

"EFA is fireworks of brilliant Funk-rythms! Funk is not dead!"

- Mikko Kaakkuriniemi, Viidakkorumpu







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